Regor LED COB Series Flood Lights with high-efficiency glass lens ensure wider & uniform light distribution. Specially designed mounting bracket, they can be used for a variety of outdoor or indoor applications to provide reliable and low-cost operation.

Flexible Functionality

The Regor LED COB Flood Light offers all of the versatility of a flood light in a simple, minimalist design. Featuring a pure aluminium body, this is a durable and energy efficient LED flood light.

Quality design

Ideal for new designs or upgrading outmoded floodlights, the Regor LED COB Flood Light comes with universal cob design for fast, easy installation and increased thermal efficiency - no need for cutouts or gaps in insulation. Its heavy aluminium body is suitable for proper heat dissipation. With reflectors to maximise light output, it delivers the best lighting.

Eco Lighting

Regor LED COB Flood Lights are energy efficient and saves power consumption with comapritively very less heating are naturally eco-friendly.



  • Model No.  : RFL- 421 / 422 / 423
  • Wattage : 50W / 100W / 150W
  • Lumen Efficacy : 95 Lm / Wt
  • Colour Temperature : 3000 / 4000 / 6500
  • ColourRendering Index : >80
  • Working Hours : 50000
  • I / P  Voltage : 140-290V AC
  • Warranty : 2 Years
  • Applications : Warehouse, Highrise Decor, Production Unit, Party Plot, Playground, Parking